Man and his master! [Part 2]

Were back with part 2 of “Man and his master!” featuring Emma Butt as the cannon ball tittie Dominatrix, and Frank Gun as her half human, half canine pet. This time she lets him out of his cage so that he can please her right! She’s got a meal for him that he just can’t refuse! Smacking her pet around while dragging him out of his cage by the leash Emma instructs her obedient slave to lay down on his back while she face plants him with her clean shaven cunny. Pussy pot pot pie is on the menu today! It’s like a dirt bike derby on his face as she grinds back and forth on his mouth and nose, his face almost completely disappearing under her voluptuous thigh’s and ass cheeks. Emma’s best friend really enjoys his meal, but then is lead back into his cage, where he whines for the return of his master. The latex clad Emma says she’ll be right back. Come back next week to see what she has in store for Frank in part 3!




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